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I’ve never seen a bike that looked like this one

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Makoto Aida, Path Between Rice Fields, 1991

I have to say this, this! is photography. This is creative and compelling, like I hate when people say they’re photographers and their pictures are like basic pictures, I don’t claim to be a photographer, I just take pictures. Photography is a lot more than having an expensive digital camera you barely know how to work. Photography is a lot more than pointing a camera and snapping a pic. It’s this. It’s creativity, it’s imagination, it’s taking pictures that have a meaning that your viewer can see through the image.

so this isn’t a painting……..?



Say it, please


I saw this preview. I saw one black extra in the whole preview. Not to mention out of all the previews (b/w 6-8) there were no black leads and one supporting lead (Tyler perry) in a film.

"yellow eyez like my daddy eyez"